Kusadasi ‘Bird Island’
The seaside city of Kusadasi has gone through a major development during the past 30 years. The city is popular with tourists from the whole of Europe. A lot of cruise ships sailing alongside the islands in the Aegean Sea make a stop here. Kusadasi has several beaches. Ladies Beach is a sandy beach with a cosy boulevard and a pleasant atmosphere – also at night. Kusadasi has another sandy beach of 7 kilometres, with entertainment for young and old.

Kusadasi is an excellent starting point for the discovery of the many Greek antiquities, including Ephesus. Ephesus is one of the best preserved ancient cities in the Mediterranean and perhaps the best place in the world to experience what it was like to live in Roman times. This Ionic refuge served as the strategic gate to the eastern world. It was the second biggest city in the Roman Empire, contained a Christian sanctuary and was one of the seven world wonders from ancient times. Legend has it that Virgin Mary, together with Paul the Apostle, came to Ephesus at the end of her life, around 37-45 AC.

Milli park
Izarra Saray does not only overlook the Greek island of Samos and the city of Kusadasi, it also gives out onto the magnificent and peaceful National Park. In this beautiful and unspoiled nature reserve you can find lots of beautiful flowers and wild animals. It is the perfect place to take a swim in the crystal-clear water, to sunbathe on the beach or – if you want – follow the Canyon routes.

Pigeon Island
Pigeon Island is, despite its name, connected to the mainland by means of a pier. It is the perfect place to relax. Within the impressive Byzantine castle located on the rocks of the island you can watch the charming yachts sailing around. In the restaurants on the waterfront you can try the fresh seafood or other Aegean specialties, with a panoramic view of Kusadasi in the background.  Now that’s what people call ‘having a wonderful time’!

Kusadasi Caravanserai
The Caravanserai is located close to the harbour of Kusadasi. It was built by the Grand Vizier Okuz Mehmed Pasha and renovated in 1966.  The Caravanserai is an Ottoman castle constructed for the overseas trade. Nowadays Turkish evenings are organised here, whereby you can enjoy traditional dance, music and food.

For young and old
Everyone can have fun in and around Kusadasi. There are two big water parks, karting tracks, shopping malls, boulevards overlooking the biggest and most luxurious cruise ships, cosy restaurants, nightclubs and traditional places of entertainment. You can go scuba diving, take a jeep or horse safari in the beautiful surrounding nature, go to wine tastings in the old city of Sirince, go shopping in Izmir, go sightseeing in the direct vicinity or in other interesting places! It is also possible to take a two-day trip to another seaside city. Bodrum or Marmaris for example are easily accessible from Kusadasi. During the weekends you can fly to Istanbul from Izmir in only 45 minutes.